366 days!!!

I'm ecstatic for what is to come and grateful for all that has happened.

 I'm certain that we are grateful that we've got air in our lungs and blood pumping and coursing through our veins.

The plans are already rolling out for the new year; that car, house, degree, job, vacation(oh how I dream), increase in salary, new designs to take on the world, and so many other laid out plans for the next 366 days.
Oh it's good to have desires and wants, our Daddy already knows that we have desires and wants and so He tells us to 'cast all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you' 1Pet 5:7.
As we make plans and take on the new year, let's also have the mindset of serving God IRRESPECTIVE.
Serving God irrespective is an attitude that seeks to praise and serve Him no matter the situation.
An 'irrespective' service is a service that doesn't relent or diminish no matter the circumstances or struggles faced and that is the attitude we need to have.
We shoul…

Scooping Out The Essence

YOLO!! You Only Live Once.

This is a rather famous saying. 

It is used (if not) by hundreds (scratch that) millions of people on a daily basis. 

We use it when we want to have (little) fun, get a new job, or as motivation to spend more than the usual, and also for other purposes known only to the particular individual and circumstance. 

We all want the amazing pleasures, i.e, exquisite meals, money, power, attention and so many other things, but then we miss the main point - DIFFERENCE.

Anyone with determination, dogged focus, and some lil extra can have the same achievements and even more than a basic rich human being, but what makes the difference is ESSENCE. 

What is your essence?, i.e, your inherent nature of being alive, what were you made to solely achieve and engrave on earth? GOD, I interpret that as Go Out Daily. 

We are in this world to solely go out daily, irrespective of where you work, we go out of our blank, uninventive space of our minds and daily work to be inventive, innovat…


It's been a year now since I started up my blog.

 I was indecisive because I knew the intricacies of it all; getting likes, comments, constant readers, getting a domain name, constantly messaging and sharing links to people, getting a designer, and being ready to get some negative answers along the way.
I wasn't prepared for all that, that's what I kept telling myself, there are tons of bloggers already, what difference would mine make, I don't even have the funds to have a domain name, how would I type, I'm not so social. 

I kept feeding myself with all that and more.
People commented on my opinions sometimes when I talk, and some told me to start a vlog or a blog but I had excuses ready on why I couldn't.
Until one cheery Sunday, God spoke to me through the ministering Pastor and I felt guilty.

Guilty that I wasn't using what God had given me freely for him, that I was busy giving God excuses and not being profitable to his vineyard.
I was still scared but I dec…


"If I had written the exams at an older age, I would have passed" "If I had grown up with my parents, I would have chosen a better spouse" "If I didn't go to a polythenic, I should have been done with school by now" "If I had followed them to the party, I would have gotten that business card and probably would have gotten the job"

These are the comments I got from friends that I asked concerning their "if" moments:
If I loved my course of study from the onset, i would have graduated with a 1st class.If I hadn’t eaten so much, I wouldn’t be struggling with my weight.
If I wasn’t scared and ashamed to rewrite jamb, maybe I would have gotten law and I wouldn’t be stressing over what to do when I graduate.If I had known I was enough for my happiness I wouldn't have relied on other people for my happiness.If I was not the first person in my family to attend university, I wouldn't have had some academic issues.
 We all have gone th…


Where are the Foodies at!?
My hands raised.

This post is me directly shooting myself, I love(with extra eeeee) food and if I had my way, I would eat it all.

But that's unhealthy in every way, so I'm thanking God that I don't have the resources, for now, to make my food fantasy a reality.

When it comes to food, we tend more to see the "weight effect" and we, rarely, pay attention to the "health part".

Health is both nourishment for your body and your soul.

As we focus on our race and fellowship with God; Matthew 5:6; "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled".

 We also need to take care of our bodies, what we eat and the type of food we consume matters a lot. 

We need to know what our bodies need and what it doesn't.

Charlotte Hilton Andersen wrote an amazing article on body types and food that's suitable for each: 

Do check it out.

There are different body and skin types, and that clearly goes to s…


Shade 'lived her life for Christ'.

Oh she never missed a service, she was never found in a club, neither found in an 'ungodly' environment.

 Everyone identified her as 'Godkissed and given to the word".

Pastor Femi knew that this lady was to be ordained, c'mon why not? 

She was a tongue speaking, hair covering, church going, service attending Child of God.

The Identity that's given to you on earth is no where compared to how God identifies you.

Activities and Service to God are two very separate things.

We engage in activities rather than render service to God when we feel that it is just the physical things seen by the physical eyes that count.

Fruits are meant to yield more because we are trees. 

Psalm 1:3; NLT; They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season. Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do. 

Our Service is what reaches the Heart of God and not the activities we put up for the world to see.

Activities are w…


It is a known fact that when we're attracted to a person, our bodies have a way of tuning to want that person, a kiss would stir up a lot of other series of action, a clap leads to a dance.

There are lots of relationships where the unmarried couples pray together and sleep together, God cannot be mocked neither can He fellowship in the same place where sin constantly frolics; Jeremiah 16:17 - For mine eyes are upon all their ways: they are not hid from my face, neither is their iniquity hid from mine eyes.

A Godly relationship is one in which the couple understands all the scientific and factual 'chemistries' that go on between their bodies but decide to put God as priority, the relationship becomes an altar for God to dwell.

Measures need to be in place because as much as you do not want to indulge in any preactivity that might lead to falling into sin, saying it isn't just enough, praying and acting on the directives given to you both by God is paramount.

That brings us …